Sunday, April 21, 2013

Increase Visibility to the Right Kind of Audience

Reach your target audience through Social Media

Three (3) recent research studies demonstrate that active Internet users spend anywhere from 16% to 25% of their online time on social networks. Hence, steering a social media campaign could be extremely effective for building buzz, awareness, and engagement as well as spawning more fans & followers for a brand. As easy as it may sound an effective campaign that archives the corporate set objectives is generally few and far between. Since lately many corporate entities have understood the potential of social media and started to run Facebook campaigns on a Machine Gun Approach. Brands are more and more investing in tacky videos & developing lavish apps to engage audiences.

I have eagle-eyed some multinational companies running Facebook competitions with prizes galore expecting engagement from the end consumers. What they have failed to identify is the success of a promo has a direct link with the market they operate in. When I went through the weekly winner’s list majority of the promo (Conducted by FMCG companies) winners were minors. Who had no spending power nor had a say on the type of dish wash or washing power they used in their house hold. The company spent a substantial amount of money on creating an app with a decent concept to make the promo go viral but did they know who their buyers are? Or were they working through the mass to reach the Right target Audience?

So let’s break it down further,           
The current world is an information surplus. So many sources of information and influence competing for our attention, we frequently try to seal ourselves off noisy. And tend to rely on each other to screen information and deliver us with the communications that we truly want.

"The Law of the Few", or, as Malcolm Gladwell states: there are 3 types of people who affect the rapid spread of messages through a network. These three types of fans are connectors, mavens, and salesmen.

1. Connectors: They are fans with many friends and connections who spend time maintaining these acquaintances.

2. Mavens: are the info collectors of the social network. They assess the messages that derive through the network and they permit their assessments on to others, along with the messages. They are sometime called the Mega Fan Bodyguards.

3. Salesmen: They are persuaders who are skilled of broadcasting messages through the force of their charisma. They have a certain skill to sell which helps them passage messages which may be of significance to them.

The above 3 types of fans can be called translators: they take ideas and information from a highly specialized world and translate them into a language the rest of us can understand. The above mentioned 3 types serve different causes for a brand by aid visibility to the proper audience.

And when a Social media game/promotion is announced on a fan page 2 types of fans partake in it.

Type A: Fans who participate in the contest because of the prize at stake and their comments and opinions are not authentic. They wouldn't even “like” your page if you weren't going to offer a prize or freebie in the first place.

Type B: The end prize might not be appealing to them and they might not have the spending clout. But they spend an enormous amount of time engaging with the promo going all creative with their posts and tweets to showcase their love to the brand. 

The above 2 types of fans partake in promos for totally different reasons, but they support you in creating the buzz you need to send vibes to the masses.Hence, I got into doing some research and stumbled upon a model by @SoravJain which I though was most fitting for brands to surge visibility to right kind of audience through promotions (Contest).

Contest Announced —> Mass Participates to Win the Freebies —> Making the Topic a Trending on social media channels —> That Increases Visibility —> People with the spending power Notices it —> that helps Brand Increase Visibility to Right Kind Of Audience

In laymen’s terms: Through the mass, reach the handful! Remember! Many people today aren't just clicking just because you sound interesting they are clicking since they've seen it appearing numerous times and since others are chatting about it.

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