Monday, April 15, 2013

Underground Market Will Sell Fake Facebook Likes

Sell or Purchase Fake Facebook Likes

After an individual fashions a Facebook page for a brand, starting out can be a bit rough and tough. You would have it much easier if you were a known giant in the industry and not a startup or a Mom and Pop Store around the corner. So in the initial stage you ask your friends and family to take a second to like your page. And that wouldn't get you past 70 likes. So your next step is to get a personalized vanity URL for your Fan Page. Now you think how am I going to boost up my fan count with the least amount of trouble & time?

And that’s the moment companies resort to purchasing likes. Having a considerable amount of likes could portray your brand/company to be dependable & trusted. The end picture could be seen as the more likes I get, the more page visits I get, the more PTA I have, the more possibility I have in gaining profits & fans. Cause according to a recent study 42% of small business owners said their top priority for using Facebook was customer acquisition, and to do that you need to first portray a certain image to the first time consumers. If they come to your Fan page in search of info and see that your page is deserted than a grave yard they wouldn't waste there hard earned money on your product or service.

Buy Fake Facebook Likes

Due to the never ending demand a large underground market is operating to cater for these requests. Just do a Google search and you’ll get a clear picture of it. To the naked eye it looks easy and worry free to purchase likes. But the down side is none of these users have a qualitative advantage, these fake profiles were created for clicking the like button on a page and increasing your fan count.

Some instances companies outsource their social media marketing to black hat social media marketing firms who promise miracle results. This happens mainly due to the company’s lack of knowledge in the field of SM marketing. This trend is highly visible in Sri Lanka as well were companies fall victim to these agencies. These black hat agencies purchases likes from the underground market and within a period of 3-5 days accumulate a considerable surge of Likes to the client’s page. What the client doesn't know is these followers are not relevant to their brand and this is not there target audience. They are not aware of the methods used by this agency to obtain followers/likes. The methodology for obtaining followers is usually not shared with companies and since the like counts has gone over the roof the establishments forget to question them on their method of instant success. Bangladesh has become the hub for this kind of scams due to having the highest CPC &CPM rates in the world. There are many individuals around the globe who act as Facebook like farmers who Post fake reviews, fake articles, and fake bids who work-from-home and make this as their career. Just go into website like freelancer and type “Facebook Fake Likes” and get a feel for the demand and supply for this kind of projects. Some say that Spammers create as many as 40 percent of the accounts on social-media sites and this kind of business operations will be contributing the lion’s portion to it. Hence it’s important to pick an agency that is reputable and has a proven track record of providing its customers with genuine social media strategies, instead of artificial likes that will get you nowhere.

So you ask might ask is it correct purchase likes? Should people do it? Is it okay to buy likes to increase visibility? You may say that companies do this kind of thing day in day out. How can a small scale company pay big money for a reputed agency to get them some quality social media exposure? Well To give it to you in laments terms, end of the day you’re only getting people to “Like” your page by purchasing likes, it does not build brand relationships, you are not giving your visitors a persuasive reason return to the page nor does just a click on the “Like” button build brand loyalty. Buying likes is cheating – There is no other way to say it, and who really likes a cheater anyways?

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